The 2020 ATC (Artist Trading Cards) project was on the theme of #TWGB – This Will Get Better. 

Post your cards with hashtag #ATC-TWGB or upload on the facebook group.

Home card by Penelope Harris opens up for a secret message.

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Follow along and try your hand at tiny art. I’d love to see what you come up with, so I hope you’ll post.

ATCs are made to be traded. 

Prompt #1: HOME: What’s it like to STAY HOME? (ATC by Penelope Harris.)

I co–  ordinate an annual Artist Trading Card project, including workshops, trading shows and an exhibition – all free — with support from a Neighbourhood Small Grant project sponsored by Vancouver Foundation and Kits House.

ATCs are 2.5 x 3.5 original artworks created to be traded.

Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation and Kits House, the supplies are provided free of charge.

Facebook page. – Events will be posted here.

Join our facebook group and share your art:

Search this website for “ATC” to see some examples and information.

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