Playdate with Mary
Join me for a playdate – Come along and make some art with me in my home studio.

Sessions are very small groups – up to four participants – and I set the dates and times when people let me know they’re interested. Often, but not necessarily, on a Thursday evening (6:30-9:30pm) or Friday or Saturday afternoon (1-4pm). I can also bring materials to your group– great for a women’s group “mini-retreat”.

Mixed-Media Basics

Bring your own idea for an art piece and some photos or magazine images to get started.

A canvas or board about 12”x12” is an ideal size.

We go through from the very beginning of preparing your canvas and adding paper images, through to paints, gels and mediums and finishing off the piece including tips on hanging mechanisms.

9 hours – usually three 3-hour sessions

Exploring Tarot Cards: Synchronicity and Archetypes

If you’ve ever been intrigued by “fortune-telling cards,” you will enjoy making some of your own cards. We start each session with your selecting a tarot card to inspire you. I provide lots of images to create small collages of cards. You don’t need to know anything about tarot cards, but if you do and want to bring your own deck, please do.

6 hours – usually three 2-hour sessions

Memory Box: Make a Container for Your Memories

Most of us have a lot of photos, journals or artwork around we’d like to store more respectfully. Bring a box (cardboard shoe box or wooden) and, inspired by your own memories, we’ll go through the steps to create a box that’s a work of art itself to keep your memories safely contained.

6 hours – usually three 2-hour sessions

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: Make a Labyrinth for Meditation

I’ve been interested in the pattern of the labyrinth for over 20 years and have created labyrinths from temporary outdoor labyrinths; to designing a concrete paver labyrinth to small drawings and paintings.

12”x12” or any square shape is a good surface to work on.

6 hours – usually three 2-hour sessions


Sessions at my studio are based on an hourly rate per person, minimum 6 hours, payable in advance, i.e. $60 for 6-hour sessions; $90 for 9 hours; plus a $25 materials fee for each series (or bring your own – I’d send you a list.)

Maximum group size: 4

I have space for four participants in my studio. If you’re part of a group, I can arrange space elsewhere or come to you.

Minimum group size: 1

I sometimes can do a session with just one person, so don’t hesitate to approach me with your preferred times and needs. Basically, I share the same information and demonstrations I would do for a larger group. Then we work on our own art, stopping on occasion to offer some coaching if desired. In my Art Education degree we called this “parallel play.”

Come with a friend and get 10% off both registration fees.