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World Labyrinth day

Join Mary at 49th & Oak on May 1

Walk as one at one.

Physical distancing will be maintained. I will be giving instruction on drawing a 3-circuit classical labyrinth.


In case of heavy rain, this will be cancelled. Check http://www.marybennett.net/category/labyrinths/or contact me if you’re wondering. I’ll make a decision by 10 am at the latest. As a native Vancouverite, I’ll likely head over unless there’s actually a downpour.

World Labyrinth Day 2020

Many of us can’t visit our favorite labyrinths. And if we do, it’s one person at a time.

From https://labyrinthsociety.org/world-labyrinth-day

World Labyrinth Day will go on despite the COVID-19 crisis. We need the peace of labyrinths more than ever. 

So here are some ideas for World Labyrinth Day 2020.

Make and walk a finger labyrinth

Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress of Veriditas is leading online (zoom) finger labyrinth walks and we will all be walking as one at one online.

Go here to register and then receive link details:


Build a backyard labyrinth using rope


Make a spiral labyrinth with “plarn” (plastic bags crocheted into “rope”. These spirals take 150 feet each. from Elisa A Maggio

Go to the beach or a laneway and make a temporary labyrinth

Drawing in the sand

Les draws a Chartres style labyrinth at Spanish Banks at low tide. He’ll start up again post-Pandemic. In the meantime, try a simple 3-circuit one just using sticks and free-form.


Move rocks

This would take more time and effort AND be a bit more permanent – and perhaps – beautiful. You’d leave it as a gift for anyone coming by. I hope you’ll mark its location on my facebook page.

Use chalk

On the facebook group, Children and the Labyrinth, here’s the spring ritual of one family: chalk labyrinth in the driveway.