Labyrinth – April 2017

My labyrinth at 49th & Fremlin is (to me at least) looking totally awesome. Almost all of the plants have been free gifts and most of the soil has been enhanced from composting the sod I dug up.

Right now the little grape hyacinths are so darned perky. And recently half a dozen or so yellow tulips have come up.

I’m watching for signs of the calendula self seeding. Last year the calendula overwintered, but not this year.

A friend gifted us with some summer bulbs:

Sparaxis – Harlequin Flower (20)

St. Brigid Mixture Р Anemone (20)

Both have been planted near the eastern area.

Yesterday I moved about 30 strawberry plants that had outgrown their space in the veggie garden and, yes, a few more baby grape hyacinths. I’m liking the idea of the kids at the church looking for strawberries on the labyrinth.

It’s wonderful to watch the seasonal transitions. We had a lot of snowdrops and crocuses. Now grape hyacinths. The few daffodils have been and gone… Now what?

Hardy plants include geraniums and lambs ears and they are spreading as they do.

Someone’s offered some irises – the smallish straight leaved kind.

I’ve said “no” to campanula, other irises.

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