Send Mail Art to say: “TWGB”

People are mailing things (and ordering things via email).

Make some mail art and send off to friends and family near and far — or exhibit as part of the Kitsilano ATC show in May. Let them know that Things Will Get Better (TWGB).

Mail art can be similar to ATCs, but larger and made for mailing rather than trading. But you do sometimes get something back. Usually collage and mixed-media.

This is my understanding of Canada Post requirements and costs.

Lettermail™ Speed Local – 2 days Provincial – 3 days National – 4 days

NOTE: These delivery standards are not guaranteed . And this is what Canada Post says about effect of coronavirus:

We’re experiencing delays as we put safety first

In the last few weeks, we have seen a significant increase in parcel volumes as Canadians are staying home and shopping more online. We are working hard to respond in a responsible manner. With incoming parcel volumes at Christmas levels, the important safety measures we’ve implemented in our processing facilities mean it is taking longer to process. Those measures include physical-distancing in facilities that were never designed for keeping people 2 metres apart. We continue to process and have been delivering in record numbers for this time of year, but the reality is that customers should anticipate delays.

Lettermail Pricing Table Standard (Envelopes, Cards and Self-mailers) 0–30 g Stamps in booklets/coils/panes $0.90 $1.27

30–50 g Single Stamp(s) $1.05 $1.27

If you collage, you’ll be in the 30-50 g category probably. Make sure it’s not more than 5mm thick with no bumpy parts, or put in an envelope.

Other (Non-standard and Oversize) 0–100 g Stamp(s) $1.90

NOTE: Standard square envelopes are acceptable with maximum size of 156 mm x 156 mm x 5 mm). (6.14″ square)

Envelopes must be sealed.

Some good links:

What is mail art?

aka “correspondence art” or “postal art”.

This site is U.S. based but I couldn’t find a Canadian one and a lot of this would apply. Also lots of great images showing stamp placement and calligraphy.

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