Labyrinth Paintings

I’ve been interested in Labyrinths since I first walked one at the Women and Spirituality Conference around 1995 that was held annually at Vancouver School of Theology for 15 years.

I’ve walked, danced, dug (!), planted and many labyrinths since then. I usually host a walk for World Labyrinth Day, on the first Saturday in May. The slogan is “Walk as One at 1”–so, yes, we walk a labyrinth (or 2) at 1pm local time.

Walking the Path, 16″ x 16″, mixed media including crackle paste.
Canybrinth 30″ x 40″ A geological map of Canada was used for the pathways. Other media include various acrylic paints, gels, mediums and acrylic inks.
Still Point – T.S. Eliot Poetry for your walk 30 ” x 40″

Finger Labyrinths

Journey Inward 12″ x 24″ mixed-media including pouring gels, crackle and various acrylic paints and inks

Let your fingers do the walking!

Labyrinths in process

Palindrome labyrinth

in girum imus nocte means “we go into the circle by night”.


This palindrome struck me as an appropriate one for labyrinth walking, even though it’s sometimes referred to as the “devil’s verse”.

Labyrinths for Walking

I designed (with help from others) a 3-circuit square labyrinth from concrete pavers and a double-processional flower labyrinth at the Unitarian Church, 49th and Oak.

Below is one of the temporary labyrinths we created in a workshop. This is on the east (Fremlin) side of the church buildings.

EphemeralLabyrinth2011Labyrinth creation workshops

Unitarian Church of Vancouver

Photo from Vancouver Courier August 2016. The labyrinth in process. (There’s a lot more there now.)
My art partner Teresa working on a pastel portrait from the Courier photograph.

Courtyard Labyrinth at 49th & Oak Photo: Keith Wilkinson

Colouring labyrinths for Art Abandonment at Kits House

At least once a year I lead a workshop to create an ephemeral labyrinth on the grounds at 49th and Oak.

Labyrinth at 49th & Fremlin April 2017 Photo by Gail Stephan
July 2015 labyrinth

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