Seven Chakra series 

DouglasCollegeShowWhen Our Heart Is In a Holy Place (Heart Chakra #4)







DouglasCollegeShowMiss Mary at Age 5 (Solar Plexus Chakra #3)









Soap Opera Images (Sacral Chakra #2)





Root Chakra: We All Come from the Goddess



We All Come From the Goddess (Root Chakra #1)






Transforming Together (Crown Chakra #7)







In My Mind’s Eye (Mind’s Eye Chakra) – sold

In My Mind's Eye 8"x8" mixed-media on wood
In My Mind’s Eye
8″x8″ mixed-media on wood












Words Can Cut Through (Throat Chakra #5)






Mixed media collage on wood 8”x 8” each

$100 each

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