Sign Posts

SIGN POSTS: It May Be a Sign… But What Could It Mean?

Pink Aleph-Ant
Capital A
Earth is our Source
Facing Narrows
From 1 to 4
M is for …

I’m working on a series that involve maps, signs, symbols and, yes, ┬ámany have labyrinth images.

I showed a dozen of these at the 2016 Artists in our Midst Roundhouse opening. I’m working on a couple of large pieces, but do enjoy the intimacy of these little pieces. The textures and layering don’t show up all that well on the web, so if you’d like to view pieces, just contact me.

So far, they’re all 8″ x 8″ on canvas.

$90 each



The First Signs. While working on these I heard a CBC interview about a new book sharing research of paleo-anthropologist Genevieve von Petzinger of the University of Victoria. She has studied the geometric signs in cave art – that go back 100,000 years (about 70,000 before the first cave paintings of animals). She’s discovered there are 32 distinct signs. Expect to see these show up in this continuing series.

I thought it was a “sign” and I’ve been exploring her work, by reading, watching and responding in art ever since.

See the “caveart” series to see some examples.