ATC Satchel for Borrowing in Kitsilano

I’ve created a satchel with all you’d need for 6 people to make a binder page of 9 ATCs each. You can borrow for a week more or less – and then will likely deliver or arrange pick up from the next person.

Use up supplies. Add some if you easily can. No pressure though!

What’s in the satchel:


  • various papers and collage materials. I have more where they came from so please use as much as you can. Keep some for other projects if you like!
  • some glue sticks – you may have to supplement. They just don’t last!
  • stickers, dots, cut out pieces – please leave the ziplock bags and little containers, but use as much as you like.
  • Binder sleeves for your completed ATCs (I’ll replenish as time goes on. If you need more, some dollar stores carry them. Definitely at the International Village Japanese dollar store.)
  • Lots of blanks/starters.
  • Heavy weight paper that can be cut up for starters or used for any other purpose. (I was given a big box of it – so take!)

For leaving in the satchel

6 pairs of scissors

pencil crayons


a binder with completed ATCs – You can trade any of the cards one for one. Leave the binder with full pages in the satchel.

There are different media:

drawing (ink, pencil crayon, sharpies)






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