ATC Satchel for Borrowing in Kitsilano

I’ve created a satchel with all you’d need for 6 people to make a binder page of 9 ATCs each. You can borrow for a week more or less – and then will likely deliver or arrange pick up from the next person.

Use up the supplies. Add some if you easily can. No pressure though. I have so many supplies!

What’s in the satchel:

Use up any of these

  • various papers and collage materials. I have more where they came from so please use as much as you can. Keep some for other projects if you like!
  • some glue sticks – you may have to supplement. They just don’t last!
  • stickers, dots, cut out pieces – please leave the zip lock bags and little containers, but use as much of the contents as you like.
  • Binder sleeves for your completed ATCs (I’ll replenish as time goes on. If you need more, some dollar stores carry them. They are more commonly used for hockey and baseball cards.
  • Lots of blanks/starters cut to the 2.5 x 3.5 size. Please take as many as you’d like
  • Heavy weight paper that can be cut up for starters or used for any other purpose. I sometimes like to create on a larger piece and then crop a card from the bigger portion.  (I was given a big box of it – so take!)

For leaving in the satchel

6 pairs of scissors

pencil crayons


a binder with completed ATCs – You can trade any of the cards one for one. Leave the binder with full pages in the satchel.

There are different media:

drawing (ink, pencil crayon, sharpies)




Send me  a note or post your finished cards on my facebook page  or join the facebook group:


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