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Send Mail Art to say: “TWGB”

People are mailing things (and ordering things via email).

Make some mail art and send off to friends and family near and far — or exhibit as part of the Kitsilano ATC show in May. Let them know that Things Will Get Better (TWGB).

Mail art can be similar to ATCs, but larger and made for mailing rather than trading. But you do sometimes get something back. Usually collage and mixed-media.

This is my understanding of Canada Post requirements and costs.

Lettermail™ Speed Local – 2 days Provincial – 3 days National – 4 days

NOTE: These delivery standards are not guaranteed . And this is what Canada Post says about effect of coronavirus:

We’re experiencing delays as we put safety first

In the last few weeks, we have seen a significant increase in parcel volumes as Canadians are staying home and shopping more online. We are working hard to respond in a responsible manner. With incoming parcel volumes at Christmas levels, the important safety measures we’ve implemented in our processing facilities mean it is taking longer to process. Those measures include physical-distancing in facilities that were never designed for keeping people 2 metres apart. We continue to process and have been delivering in record numbers for this time of year, but the reality is that customers should anticipate delays.

Lettermail Pricing Table Standard (Envelopes, Cards and Self-mailers) 0–30 g Stamps in booklets/coils/panes $0.90 $1.27

30–50 g Single Stamp(s) $1.05 $1.27

If you collage, you’ll be in the 30-50 g category probably. Make sure it’s not more than 5mm thick with no bumpy parts, or put in an envelope.

Other (Non-standard and Oversize) 0–100 g Stamp(s) $1.90

NOTE: Standard square envelopes are acceptable with maximum size of 156 mm x 156 mm x 5 mm). (6.14″ square)

Envelopes must be sealed.

Some good links:

What is mail art?

aka “correspondence art” or “postal art”.

This site is U.S. based but I couldn’t find a Canadian one and a lot of this would apply. Also lots of great images showing stamp placement and calligraphy.


I’m applying for some new Neighbourhood Small Grants.





Women’s Writing Group

Gels, Mediums and Pastes art workshop

Artist Trading Cards




Creative Neighbours Salon – with Kira van Deusen

Bee Walk

Herb Garden

ATCs during a pandemic

I’ve started the 3rd Annual Kitsilano Artist Trading Cards project and display.

Here’s the plan:

Make 9 ATCs, put in a binder, take to MLA David Eby’s community office at 2909 West Broadway. Just slip them through the mail slot. By the end of May we’ll have a display in the window of the cards that have been submitted.

Want some supplies? I have blank cards and other art materials for you. Just contact me.

Facebook: Mary Peterson Bennett

Join the Facebook group:

World Labyrinth Day 2020

Many of us can’t visit our favorite labyrinths. And if we do, it’s one person at a time.


World Labyrinth Day will go on despite the COVID-19 crisis. We need the peace of labyrinths more than ever. 

So here are some ideas for World Labyrinth Day 2020.

Make and walk a finger labyrinth

Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress of Veriditas is leading online (zoom) finger labyrinth walks and we will all be walking as one at one online.

Go here to register and then receive link details:

Build a backyard labyrinth using rope

Make a spiral labyrinth with “plarn” (plastic bags crocheted into “rope”. These spirals take 150 feet each. from Elisa A Maggio

Go to the beach or a laneway and make a temporary labyrinth

Drawing in the sand

Les draws a Chartres style labyrinth at Spanish Banks at low tide. He’ll start up again post-Pandemic. In the meantime, try a simple 3-circuit one just using sticks and free-form.

Move rocks

This would take more time and effort AND be a bit more permanent – and perhaps – beautiful. You’d leave it as a gift for anyone coming by. I hope you’ll mark its location on my facebook page.

Use chalk

On the facebook group, Children and the Labyrinth, here’s the spring ritual of one family: chalk labyrinth in the driveway.

ATC Satchel for Borrowing in Kitsilano

I’ve created a satchel with all you’d need for 6 people to make a binder page of 9 ATCs each. You can borrow for a week more or less – and then will likely deliver or arrange pick up from the next person.

Use up the supplies. Add some if you easily can. No pressure though. I have so many supplies!

What’s in the satchel:

Use up any of these

  • various papers and collage materials. I have more where they came from so please use as much as you can. Keep some for other projects if you like!
  • some glue sticks – you may have to supplement. They just don’t last!
  • stickers, dots, cut out pieces – please leave the zip lock bags and little containers, but use as much of the contents as you like.
  • Binder sleeves for your completed ATCs (I’ll replenish as time goes on. If you need more, some dollar stores carry them. They are more commonly used for hockey and baseball cards.
  • Lots of blanks/starters cut to the 2.5 x 3.5 size. Please take as many as you’d like
  • Heavy weight paper that can be cut up for starters or used for any other purpose. I sometimes like to create on a larger piece and then crop a card from the bigger portion.  (I was given a big box of it – so take!)

For leaving in the satchel

6 pairs of scissors

pencil crayons


a binder with completed ATCs – You can trade any of the cards one for one. Leave the binder with full pages in the satchel.

There are different media:

drawing (ink, pencil crayon, sharpies)




Send me  a note or post your finished cards on my facebook page  or join the facebook group:


Bunz Trades

I’m loving bunz – meeting great people – trading stuff I don’t need for other stuff I don’t need. But NEW stuff I don’t need. I traded all my indoor plants for stuff. And then I got a whole selection of small succulents for other stuff. Much less watering and space needed!

Here are some of the paintings I’m willing to trade on bunz. Ask about other ones. I might be willing.


8″ square pieces from cave art series
































4″ square caveart series










8″ square on wood

Chakra series






















Sacral Chakra

Mind’s eye

ATC-Kitsilano Update

Artist Trading Cards Exhibition

ATC Trading October – December

2909 West Broadway

The ATC Exhibition at the Creative Neighbours Art Space (MLA David Eby’s Community Office, 2909 West Broadway) is up – but it’s just begun.

There will be opportunities for you to add your cards and to trade during the exhibition.

Joanne Brown and I (Mary Bennett) will be available at the Creative Neighbours Salons in October and November to assist with hanging more ATCs and encouraging people to trade Artist Trading Cards.

Each person (or group) exhibiting needs to fill a 9-card binder holder. Please use a sharpie to mark the edge of your sheet with your name. You are welcome to make an ATC about YOU – and include in the page.

At Trading sessions, you can take your own sheets down off the “clothes line” and trade with others.
We imagine this as pretty informal – you walk around and meet people who are interested and negotiate a trade one-on-one. Or you can bring new cards and leave the ones that are exhibited up.

The grey wall closest to the counter is reserved for “anything goes” trades! That is, if you put your cards up there, you’re willing to have anyone make a trade without your even being there. It’ll be an evolving space.

The other areas are for trading only when the artist is present to remove the sheets and negotiate trades. The artist will then put the binder page back (or take it home if they’re done trading).

TRADING SESSIONS: ATCs are made to be traded!

6 – 6:45 pm and 8-9 pm on October 28 and November 25 Creative Neighbours Salons.

Salon presenters speak from 7 – 8 pm. November, Mary Bennett will be talking about ATCs, the history, the practice and possibilities for a monthly ATC group in Kitsilano.

The show remains up (but changing) until December 15. Artists can come between 2 and 4 pm to do one last trade and take your cards home.

More information:  Email:  Web:

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

ATC Art Show Participants

The Artist Trading Card Art Show will be October-December, 2018.

Location:  Creative Neighbours Art Space at MLA David Eby’s Community Office, 2909 West Broadway

Participants will share a 9-card binder page of ATCs–either ones they’ve created or traded with other artists. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate. If you h ave more than 9, you can submit more. Ideally all cards are viewable in the same orientation – i.e. either vertical/portrait or horizontal/landscape. If you have a mix of your original cards and ones you’ve traded, you can separate those too.

Binder pages should be submitted between September 30 and October 10.

Register by September 15 to be included letting us know how many pages you will be submitting. Names and, if wished, contact information will be listed here and on a display in the art space.

  1. Mary Bennett (4 pages: one originals vertical; one originals horizontal; one traded vertical and one traded horizontal)
  2. Joanne Brown
  3. Jackie Conradi-Robertson
  4. Cole Dudley
  5. Joan Ellis
  6. Siobhan Ryan
  7. Billy Wittman