Bird Nests

In the past year or so I’ve done 25 completed paintings for a show at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver and along the way made various sketches and cards. This is one of 12 I made for Papergirl Vancouver 21012 – I gave some to friends and some to Papergirl.

These sketches were my first efforts at integrating Keith Wilkinson’s micro poetry into nest art. (I’m rather fond of this one, so I kept it.)



I led a community-engaged eco-arts project through the Community Arts Council ¬†of Vancouver at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House in August, 2011, called “Flying the Nest; Feathering the Nest.”

We made some nests at the Roundhouse during an Eco-Arts Salon.





These are done on watercolour paper with mixed media (dictionary pages) and acrylic paint and acrylic ink.


07-Mary Bennett-Keith Wilkinson

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