Tension of Opposites

This series of four paintings were done to honour my friend Bill Mountain who died in September, 2012. They take excerpts from his journals and in some cases “doodles”.

We were both very interested in Jungian psychology including the idea of a “tension of opposites”.

Here’s an ekphrastic poem by my friend Franci Louann, written when these pieces were first shown. Now they’ll be at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver from November 12 through mid-December, 2013. They’re in the Fireside Room.


four small abstracts in blue—by Mary Bennett (2011)

mixed media magnetic poetry on wood panel each 6” x 6”

Transformation Complex, Naked

regeneration transformation different

(his words, his fine hand)

an abstract black star

eight lines do not

intersect perfectly


Slightly Askew Ironic, Metamorphic

here I am picture on the wall

still looks like it’s hanging slightly askew

(his words, his journal)

a yellow (safety?) net

forms on the right side


Not Right! Wrong! Good, Bad

no! not right (his words, so many times)

a multi-coloured net at the bottom

two black sign posts

messages not visible

a snow-capped Mountain


Ready For It Explicit, Illusionary

daily ready weekly varied

sago? (his words, more mysterious)


a gauze funnel

welcomes wisdom


I press against the display case, read small words…

the soft blue backgrounds comfort…

I see his blue eyes…

mine fill with tears…

Franci Louann flouann@telus.net February 24, 2012


art show by Mary Bennett and Louise Bunn in the Amelia Douglas Gallery

4th floor, Douglas College, February 23—April 6, 2012

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