Dreamy nest paintings in a bedding store…

The Final Touch 24"x30" $500
The Final Touch 24″x 30″ $500

During the time I was making nest paintings, I learned a lot about the diversity of the kinds of nests that birds build – how tidy, how messy, how big or small (and who helps with the construction!)

These two I think of as rather dreamy, sweet and subtle compared to some of the larger and brighter paintings. And so I’m very happy that they’re “resting” at Fino Lino on Arbutus at 11th.

In the Foggy Dew, 24"x36" $500
In the Foggy Dew, 24″x 30″ $500

Three of my other nest paintings are at Rufus Drum Shop on West Tenth and Alma. You’ll see art in shop windows all over Vancouver’s West Side between now and June 20th. Have a browse – and support our local merchants who are supporting local artists.




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