Flood Streams and Ebb Streams

Flood Streams and Ebb Streams

floodstreams1This piece was inspired by a phrase on a chart that said, “Ebb streams are weak and variable but flood streams may reach velocity mentioned.”

It seemed rather enigmatic. I kept that tiny piece till the very end of the piece and glued it on. You have to look hard to find it. It’s also written on the piece in red ink.

This piece includes some map grids and squares of tissue paper to echo the pattern of the grid.

My mentor Jeanne Krabbendam says if you make a horizontal line, people will read it as a landscape. So this is an abstracted landscape.

Some people see the top right as stained glass. I think of it as sunshine rays that have a cubist feel.

This is 30″ x 40″ and has a companion piece called “Above the Great Lakes”.



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